Mack Hils Metal Fabrication is well aware of the Coronavirus (COVID – 19 virus) and look to ensure that all of our employees, their families and our community remain healthy through these uncharted times we’re experiencing. All of us must take this health threat seriously and I wanted to let you know how we are dealing with the Coronavirus and continuing to accomplish our daily tasks.

Being in Missouri, we are not immune to the virus but we’re not in the epicenter of it either. We’re located 2 hours from St. Louis or Kansas City where exponential exposure to potential cases should be less than being in a metropolitan area. However, we’re not using that logic to diminish our proactive steps in dealing with the threat of the virus.

Our goal is to stay open and producing parts as long as the authorities allow that to be our decision. To do so, we have implemented the following:
– Management met with 100% of our employees to explain “social distancing”.
– Limit close proximity to each other as much as possible during work, lunch breaks, and at home during off hours.
– Explained and encouraged the need to wash their hands and use hand sanitizers.
– If they feel sick, contact their supervisor and Human Resources.
– Dismissal to go home will be determined by their Supervisor, Human Resources and the employee.
– Make them aware of the COVID – 19 symptoms versus other seasonal illnesses we’re experiencing.
– Encouraging them to see a doctor as soon as possible.

To date, we have not experienced any abnormal absenteeism and our workforce has embraced working together to protect each other. I will follow this post at a later date, if our absenteeism increases influencing our delivery dates.

One more thing, we have contacted our major suppliers for materials and hardware. At this juncture, all have assured us they do not anticipate any disruption in their material deliveries to us. Like always, we have limited access to our buildings to only pre-approved visitors, maintenance personnel and our workforce.

Thank you for your time, your business and your confidence in us to supply the components you need for your business. We’re together in uncharted times. The first thing we want to do, to come out on the other end, is communicate. So, let us know if you have any comments or concerns.

Thank you.

Stanley Hulett
V. P. & General Manager
Mack Hils Metal Fabrication

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s website: CDC Coronavirus Information Page

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