CNC Machining, Computer Numerical Control, is when a machine is controlled by a computer utilizing a program to make the part as opposed to manual machining which uses a person to control the machine.

Some assemblies require machine components while other parts are completed in the machining process and do not require additional fabrication.  CNC machining allows for a more accurate part to be built faster than manual machining.

All of our machines are 3-axix Mills and 2-axis Lathes with the capability of producing parts with tolerances of +/- .001”. We have 5 CNC machines on site:

  1. Haas OE Vertical CNC Mill
  2. Haas VF-4 Vertical CNC Mill
  3. Haas VF-5 Vertical CNC Mill
  4. Haas SL-20 Horizontal CNC Lathe
  5. Haas SL-20 Big Bore Horizontal CNC Lathe with Bar Feeder

For a complete list of our production equipment, please visit our Fabrication Page.