Metal Stamping & Turret Punch Press

Turret Punch Press

A turret punch press is a particular kind of machine press that punches or cuts holes into specific materials. This machine can also cut elaborate shapes and create limited three-dimensional forms in sheet metal.

Our punch is a Murata Wiedeman Motorum 2048. It has a cutting capacity of 4’ x 8’ with no reposition, and 20 tons of punching force. Reposition allows us to cut longer lengths when needed. It can punch up to 1/4″ and the size of the hole is dependent on the material thickness and type.

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is the process of using blanking and forming dies to produce a desired part. It also functions as an assortment of sheet metal developing and manufacturing procedures, which includes punching and stamping.

Our metal stamping machines include:

  • Verson 150 ton Mechanical Straight Side with an automatic feeder and de-reeler.

  • Niagra 110 ton Mechanical OBI

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