When designing parts for our customers, we do so with ease of manufacturing in mind to be efficient and get you your order complete on time. Using multiple software programs, we are able to deliver a design that is easy to produce when you need it.

Programs that we use include:

  • – The latest version of AutoCAD with a Striker System add-in for our laser cutter and turret punch press
  • – Amada Dr. ABE Bend software for programming our press brake
  • – Mastercam X4 for programming our Wire Electrical Discharge Machine, CNC
  • – Mills and CNC Lathes
  • – Key Creator 8.5 for manipulating our 3-D models

With the customer and the ease of manufacturing always in mind, as well as great tools and programs, Mack Hils offers a full service opportunity and can help you design and manufacture high quality parts for your business or project.